Everyone is welcome to dress up and be a part of the Parade. All Parade participants MUST register on-line and complete the Parade Participant Registration Form.d.

Parade participants need to report no later than 3:00 to the back-parking lot of La Vie Nail & Spa by Wells Fargo using the entrance off Second Street. (DO NOT COME IN ON MAIN STREET, as it WILL BE CLOSED). For band & bus parking, you must first see a Parade Marshal at the intersection of Chester and Third St. for a parking assignment. The Parade will step off promptly at 4:00 p.m. Any group, organization or Individual person, etc., who is not in the line-up at that time will not be permitted to participate.

Due to safety concerns and state laws, the throwing of candy or any object from a float or vehicle in the Parade is not permitted. Candy may be handed out curbside by “walking” Parade participants.

All Parade participants must stay in the Parade route. No one is permitted to go into the crowd. No exceptions.

When a unit has completed the Parade, the members of that unit should not come back through the line-of-march of the Parade. If you wish to watch the balance of the Parade, you must proceed on the sidewalks, behind the Parade lines to secure a viewing spot. Parade Monitor will be there to direct you.

Promoting political candidates, parties or platforms will not be permitted during or after the Parade.

No group or organization will be permitted to collect or solicit funds for any reason without prior written consent of the Parade committee.

All live animals are required to have a clean-up person following them. No exception or they will not be permitted. This includes hand-held animals.

In an effort to ensure continuity, performance stops along the Parade route cannot be longer than 60 seconds. gapf

Please keep in mind that this is a Parade for the children. All floats and costumes must be appropriate for this audience.

Advertising during the Parade may only be done through Sponsorships. Please see the Sponsorship page for more information. This includes apparel (T-shirts)

Anyone appearing to not meet guidelines as specified, appears to be under the influence of any illegal substance, is inappropriate at any time, or violating Town and/or State laws, will be removed as disclosed in Participant Registration Form.

Parade Marshals will be available everywhere to assist you.