Put together a creative, spooky, funny or imaginative costume and wear it on your body.  All costumes are welcomed. Iit doesn’t make a difference if they are homemade, magically found, simply appear with a flick of a wand or even purchased or rented.  However, please keep your costume ā€œGā€ rated this is a family event.  

If you have already won in a previous year with a fabulous costume, leave that costume at home. We don’t want you to enter with the same costume again.  You can simply create a new costume and then you can enter every year.

You must be between 0 – 100 years old and not be dead.  However, you MUST have a pulse. If you appear to be dead that is OK .

Pets need to bring with them a person, a Pooper Scooper or a Litter Box