If you wish to be in Judged in the Parade Contest, please note that the Judges will be reviewing all Participants at the “Staging Area” prior to the Parade start.

WINNERS will be announced immediately following the Parade at the Moorestown Community House on the Front Lawn Stage.

Every Halloween parade includes children in cute costumes, but reach deep down beyond the usual Halloween parade to have a more elaborate themed float and to perhaps even win!


First decorate the base of the trailer with black metallic fringe all the way around. Attach Halloween garland that accents the theme of your float on top of the black fringe. Select grass flooring from the many parade float material available. Tissue grass mats and parade float grass mats are good choices depending on how many ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are walking around on your float.

Graveyard Parade Float Ideas
Use strings of skeletons as the garland on top of the fringe around the trailer. Select a graveyard entrance way from the multitude of spooky Halloween props. The graveyard entrance is a creepy looking old stone arch with lanterns printed on the sides. The spooktacular cemetery arch features two stone columns with plastic lamp posts that light up. To add authenticity to your graveyard parade float, use one of the graveyard fencing options: graveyard fence, silver skull fence, skeleton arm lawn stakes, or the skull fence multi-pack. Essential decorations for this theme are a variety of tombstones, the 3D creepy coffin, and a few spooky 3D tree standees. Increase the fright and mystery on your float with a fog machine.

Horror Movie Parade Float Ideas
Enhance the black metallic fringe on the trailer with the bloody weapon garland over the fringe. Use the eerie haunted house standee as a backdrop for this float. Add as many zombies, vampires, and gory creatures as possible. Spider webs, big hairy spiders, bats, and rats are a must for this horror float theme. Posting a bloody, tattered enter at your own risk banner and the spooky misting cauldron are also chilling touches. Be sure to place horrific characters on your float, check out the frightening Halloween costumes available.

The Great Pumpkin (Jack-O-Lantern) Parade Float Ideas
Opt for a brighter orange or purple colored metallic fringe in place of black fringe around the base of the trailer, and then add the fall leaves jumbo wire garland as an accent. Set up an adorable and delicious candy corn arch to bring height and depth to the float. Use a large or stacked lighted Jack-o-lantern as the focal point of the great pumpkin parade float. Another fun pumpkin decoration is the stack ‘o jack-o-lanterns, however, keep in mind that this decoration must be attached to a support stand. Use the giant cornstalk decorations, a bunch of large straw bales, and real pumpkins in a variety of sizes to fill in your float decor.